Throwback to Comeback

About a month ago (26th February 2015) whilst looking through our stored files for a throwback post, we came across the following which we thought would be nice:

The first few comments we had asked the price. We clarified that it was a throwback. As the number of e-mails/comments grew, it just had to be brought back. It originally came in our Summer '13 collection but gold studwork is something we've regularly worked in since 2006. 

There were a number of challenges in our way. What other colour should it come in? What should the length be? Could we get enough made in time for our next collection update? 

Many colours came up, there was unanimous agreement that the other colour had to be light but would it be beige, white or pink? Firozi was also considered as it is a colour we've had this design in before:

At first white was a strong choice. Chanel in their pre-spring 2015 also had a series of similar length dresses in white (absolutely love this & the trousers to go with them):


Chanel Pre-Spring 2015: Look 75

The problem is when we have soft cotton in white, as in the look above, it can at times seem very see-through and it wouldn't be acceptable for our audience that needs modest clothing. So it came down to pink or beige. Heavy formal wear with dabka work can be found in one of these two families of colours.

Carrot pink was the one chosen (second from left). Both dresses will be available to buy in our next collection update this weekend, iA. Please subscribe at the bottom of the page if you would like an e-mail notification when we update our collection.



  • Nazhat

    please send me updates of your collections. Thanking you

  • Fozia

    I bought this kurti n i realy like it.

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