We're always happy to restock kurtis provided there are enough requests. Other times our design team wants to improvise on a certain aspect. In this case, we've simplified one of our best sellers from last year to bring it back in our every day wear summer looks.

The modifications we made to simplify it are:
1) Remove the single pocket on the sleeve which is visible in the photo above on the right.
2) Remove the embroidery motif on the back.
3) Modify the collar so now there are no buttons.

This will now be priced at £22.50.


  • Sana

    Will you be getting anymore of these in stock please. I would like to purchase one

  • Shabnam Hussain

    Hi this is the code ssc64 of a kurti i very much like, i would love to purchase it, please restock this and the other ones from a similar collection, they went out of stock too quick. Im sure there are many more people who would want that. Thank you.

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