Black Linen Gold Foil Print Shirt Kurta Maxi


  • Linen
  • Shirt Kurta (buttons open all the way down)
  • Adjustable Sleeves
The model is 5'4" and wears a size XS / 8

Length: 52" (lengths may vary depending on size)

Please note: as this is full length and heavier than a kurta, the postage will be £4 in the UK. For more than one items, the postage is flat at £4 in second class.

NOTE: We were unhappy at the foil printing washability so this item is being sold discounted.  

WASHING INSTRUCTIONS (WARNING) this is gold foil printing & it must be dip and dry washed in luke warm water. If the dress is rubbed/scrubbed with itself, the print will wear off. Please wash carefully. If it is not scrubbed it will be fine. For best results dry clean only.

All items are in stock & dispatched within a day.
Approximate Delivery Time:
UK: 1-2 Days 
Europe: 3-5 Days
Rest of the World: 5-7 Days
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