Frequently Asked

What is the sizing & fabric like? Do we do exchanges/returns?

Pakistan is where all of our clothes are made. In the summer, it can be 35-45°C in major cities like Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, and in the winter (starting from about the last week of November to February), the temperatures can drop to 1-9°C. The summer demands a light woven lawn or voile fabric whilst in the winters, cambric, viscose, khaddar and marina are more common.

As our climate in the UK is a lot cooler year round, our main fabric is viscose linen from about August to April. It is lightweight yet keeps us warm. In the summer we do get a lot of cotton but slightly thicker as it doesn't get as hot as it does in Pakistan.

Our sizing is normally described as generous & has been refined based on the feedback provided by customers to provide the best fit possible but inclusive of all body types & sizes.

If you are unhappy with the items you receive then you are welcome to return them within 14 days provided they are unworn and with the original tags. This includes sale items. In the past 15 years we have been online, perhaps on only 2 occasions have we with a heavy heart refused a refund, once because it was altered by a tailor and another time because it had been worn significantly.

We ask no questions on why an item is being returned. You can request an exchange if the size isn't right: all you would have to do is post it back and we will send out the items you have requested at no cost to you.

What if I don't receive my parcel?

In the past 15 years we've been selling online, apart from 2-3 occassions, all parcels are dispatched within 24 hours on a working day. 

Out of every 1000 parcels we dispatch, 970-980 arrive on time, 20-30 are later than the normal delivery time stated. 1-2 Parcels can be significantly late and of these, we normally file an escalation/claim with the courier or with Royal Mail.

The bulk of our parcels are sent by Royal Mail. The first-ever case we filed was in 2014, as a customer from Mumbai, India hadn't received her kurtas. It took 3-4 months as it was an international order but after a lot of chasing up, they conceded it was lost and refunded us. We sent another parcel to Mumbai which was delivered within 5 working days.

As recently as November 2021, 4 parcels were lost around the time of Black Friday. We filed a claim for all 4 and subsequently, all 4 were found by Royal Mail and delivered within a month. In January 2022, we filed a claim for a lost parcel and it was paid out within 2 weeks.

Our team takes it as their responsibility to ensure the item is delivered to you. If, however, you still feel unsure about our service then please shop with Paypal. Earlier in February, a client placed an order which was never delivered. She filed a claim and Paypal refunded her. The same day as she got her refund, Royal Mail refunded us too.

On a number of occasions when we have been told that a parcel is required by a certain date, for an event/flight concert and we have always done our best to get the items delivered on time.

Does Damak store my payment information? 

Any payment you make is done so directly to Paypal who also handle our card payments.  If you pay by card, they only show us the last 4 digits of your card to identify the source of payment.  We do not have access to any details of yours nor could we possibly store them.