Size & Care Guide

Size guide

Sizes vary by dress type. The sizes may vary slightly due to the adaptation of a dress to a particular design to create an enhanced fit. All measurements are in inches & approximate.

Size table 

  • Hip size does not apply to A-line dresses as they are wider than normal shirts at the hip
  • All measurements are approximate & may vary by 1-2" to fit the style
  • The measures for chest are normally a minimum
  • For three pieces, the trouser length is approximately 40" but varies with the size


The most important thing in caring for your dress is how it is washed. Always follow the washing instructions on the label. Some general guidelines are:

  • Never machine wash, always handwash.
  • Dip wash in running water.
  • Plain dyed materials should be washed separately.
  • Do not use bleach at all. It causes discolouration and ruins a garment.
  • Formal, woolen, silk embroidery dresses should be dry cleaned only.
  • We would strongly recommend all items be washed separately for a long life. When linen comes into contact with even a small amount of polyester from other materials it can cause it to age faster/bobble up. 
  • To ensure a long life for the dress, use a small amount (about 1/4 the normal) of mild detergent hand washed (dipped) in mild water. Please wash a small part of the dress first to ensure you have the best mix of detergent/water temperature & if it washes well then wash the rest of the dress.

    We cannot stress the need for luke warm water. It is great to preserve the look of the item and it's life. Hot water can make linen bobble.
A general guideline on how to hand wash clothes is provided in the following video.   We do not recommend wrapping the dress in a towel. (This video is by and not us).